Food in Groningen and Friesland

Something for everyone

When you are spending time at the Wadden you simply have to eat fish. There are several good spots in the harbor of Lauwersoog. Real toppers are  restaurant ‘t Ailand (The Island) ( from sustainable fishers the Goede Vissers (Good Fishers) in Lauwersoog and Palingrokerij Gaele Postma (Eel Smokehouse Gaele Postma) inZoutkamp.

For a great meal you do not have to leave our village Vierhuizen. Herberg Het Lachende Paard (Tavern The Laughing Horse) is opened from the end of April until half of September and serves wonderful dishes for fair prices and it is only about a 200 meter walk from our B&B.

Culinary fans can visit ‘t Korensant in Molenrij or ‘t Schathuys in Leens at Borg Verhildersum, restaurant De Oude Sluis in Zoutkamp or Piloersemaborg in Den Ham (the last one has a Michelin Star). One after the other restaurants with a good, sustainable and wonderful kitchen. You should actually try them all.

Do you like Italian food? Than we suggest l’Ancora in Zoutkamp, quality food you will not even find in most city restaurants. About 50 meters from the Italian restaurant you will find the old inner harbor of Zoutkamp with ZK86, De Deurenloods and De Boeter.

In the direction of Friesland we suggest you take a look at Wad Oars (Something Else), it’s name stands for ‘noflik’ which is Frisian for pleasant. Instantly upon arrival you will find you are as welcome for coffee, as for lunch or a surprising dinner.

Restaurant De Dream stands out for its beautiful location at the Dokkumer Ee. You will be surprised with a palette of six delicious starters and dessert and a main course á la carte. Heaven for those who are willing to try anything and have trouble choosing. That’s not necessary here!