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History of the rectory and church

Church of One Million

In the middle on the Vierhuizer Wierde are the church and the rectory. The church of Vierhuizen was build in the 12thCentury and addapted several times during the following centuries. After the reformation the church became Dutch Reformed. Currently the church is the property of the Stichting Oude Groninger Kerken (Foundation Old Groninger Churches) (http://www.groningerkerken.nl/).

End 2006 the church was part of the AVRO television show “The Restoration” and was awarded the first price of one million euro. With this amount the church was fully renovated in 2007.

The Rectory

017-300x225In 1926 the church board of Vierhuizen deciced their current rectory had to be replaced. In 1926/1927 the new rectory was build in the same spot, designed by regionally known architect Willem Reitsema.

Build in the Groninger variant of the Amsterdam School Style the rectory has become a characteristic and iconic building. Many authentic features of the style of building have been preserved or restored during the thorough renovation in 2007 and 2008.

During the transfer of the church into the possession of the Stichting Oude Groninger Kerken the rectory lost her original function and came into private hands in 1990.

Building Style The Amsterdam School

Willem Reitsema Tzn (1885-1963) has left many marks on the Groninger Hoogeland. During
a 2008 exhibition about his life and work at Borg Verhildersum in Leens, the book ‘Willem Reitsema Tzn, architect on the Hoogeland’ was presented. For those of you who are interested, there is a copy of the book in our dining room at the rectory.
We also have the book ‘Versteende Welvaart’  (‘Fossilled Prosperity’) which a variety of examples of buildings in the Groninger variant of the Amsterdam School Style, as well as several routes passing the various buildings in the province of Groningen.